Dr Lisa Ahmad is able to provide clinical supervision to other allied health professionals, including clinical psychologists and trainees, mental healthcare workers and nurses and social care workers. 

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Maromika is able to provide an individually tailored training package or group of interlinked workshops to organisations seeking to support and improve the health and well being of their staff teams.


We recognise the importance of investing in mental health in the workplace as we know that it is the fourth most common reason for taking time off work currently. Therefore, we are committed to the provision of high quality workshops and training to staff teams, managers, or individuals, that are evidence based and relevant.

We are also able to provide group work, in the form of reflective practice groups, and supervision on both a one to one basis or in a group format. We are passionate about supporting those services which provide care and support to others also, and can tailor our workshops and trauma focused training to combat the risk posed to them as a result of their job role.

Effective training at management level, can increase awareness and insight into the psychological health and well-being of the staff team, and provide strategies to better support the workforce, promote psychologically informed environments and develop compassionate and empathic leadership styles. Ultimately, building and increasing morale, resilience and outcomes.


At Maronika, we are able to streamline services to meet the needs of your staff team and organisation, to support staff members off sick with mental health difficulties, and aid in their return to the work place.